Pure perfection, every time

Being lash artists ourselves, we got tired of never being sure whether the eyelash adhesive won’t

Make extensions fall off in a couple of weeks

Arrive spoiled and unsafe to use

Cause a client to have an allergic reaction

Be too thin and impossible to work with

Dry too quickly or worse — too slowly

Be low-quality and a waste of money

Try yourself!

So we’ve decided to create that perfect adhesive all eyelash artists dream of!

Extra fast hardening

takes only 0.5 seconds to dry! 

Perfect thickness

enjoy the clean work without any splatters 

Comes in clear and black

great for working with different colors

Thought-out packaging

guarantees that the glue will remain fresh

Amazing retention

real lashes fall off earlier than extensions  

It’s easy to create the impeccable adhesive. The challenge is to make it stay like that. 

That’s why we’ve put a lot of work into the packaging. 

  • No cardboard 
  • No polyethylene
  • No see-through details
  • No zip-locks

*Name’s* packaging guarantees that you’ll always get the perfectly fresh product!

Reliably sealed on the factory — protects from the humidity Completely opaque — keeps safe from the direct sunlight Lined with foil — safeguards from temperature changes

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*Name* in classic black

  • Dries within 0.5-1 seconds 
  • Long retention time
  • Makes lashes look thicker 
  • Perfect for advanced artists
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*Name* in clear 

  • Dries within 0.5 seconds 
  • No splatters
  • Perfect for blonde clients
  • Long retention time
Try it

You can be ironclad sure you’ll receive the high-quality adhesive you expect to get 


offers high retention time — real lashes fall off before extensions do

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comes with clear instructions on how to use and store this product  

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comes with clear instructions on how to use and store this product  

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If you don’t like the quality of *Name*, we will give your money back!* *If you send the glue back and tell us what you didn’t like

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