Pure perfection, every time 

Being lash artists ourselves, we got tired of never being sure whether the eyelash adhesive won’t: 

Make extensions fall off in a couple of weeks
Arrive spoiled and unsafe to use
Cause a client to have an allergic reaction  

Be too thin and impossible to work with
Dry too quickly or worse — too slowly
Be low-quality and a waste of money  

So we’ve decided to create that perfect adhesive all eyelash artists dream of! 

✔️Extra fast hardening
takes only 0.5 seconds to dry!
Perfect thickness
enjoy the clean work without any splatters
Thought-out packaging
guarantees that the glue will remain fresh 

✔️Amazing retention
real lashes fall off earlier than extensions
✔️Comes in clear and black
great for working with different colors
✔️Safe to use
*Name* always stays fresh thanks to the packaging 

It’s easy to create the impeccable adhesive. The challenge is to make it stay like that.

That’s why we’ve put a lot of work into the packaging.
No cardboard
No polyethylene
No see-through details 
No zip-locks

*Name’s* packaging guarantees that you’ll always get the perfectly fresh product!

Reliably sealed on the factory — protects from the humidity
Completely opaque — keeps safe from the direct sunlight
Lined with foil — safeguards from temperature changes 

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